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7 Inspirational Merry Christmas Email Templates

The main goal for Christmas email campaign is to put a smile on a customer’s face, and not to boost your sales directly. The customer delighted with beautiful Christmas email template will later have your company in mind when considering Christmas shopping.

best halloween emails

Halloween Email Examples – Find Your Inspiration

It is that time of the year when everything is about costumes, pumpkins, Halloween-themed parties, and trick-or-treating. Halloween is one of the oldest holidays in the world and is celebrated around the globe. It originally comes from the pagan tradition and ancient Celtic holiday Samhain. If…

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E-commerce Email Marketing Automation

E-commerce Email Marketing Automation   The number of e-commerce businesses grew rapidly in the last decade since many entrepreneurs saw e-commerce as the opportunity to drive revenue quickly. Many of them have succeeded, but running a successful e-commerce business demands a high attention to gaining new…

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Your First Email Marketing Campaign Checklist

Email marketing campaign is an important aspect of any successful marketing strategy. Planning, creation and execution of the campaign need to be done with paying a lot of attention to the target audience, the message, and all supporting elements leading to recipients opening the email and…

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The Advantages of Using Video in Email

Using video in email campaigns and overall advertising has become an established practice among many popular brands that found video as a way to significantly increase ROI. Video in marketing started taking domination over the internet traffic, making the video a marketing phenomenon with an impressive…

Emoji in Subject lines

Using Emoji in Email Subject Lines

Emoji – meaning “picture character” – drastically changed the way we communicate. We use emoji in day-to-day texting, but even in communication with colleagues where many business communication tools (like Slack) encourage the use of emoji. Emoji become present in advertising, and are often seen in…

Web Font

Custom Web Font vs. Web-Safe Font?

Since the first email was sent in the early 1970’s, the look and style of emails evolved greatly. Today, design plays a vital role in conveying your message to consumers, and all design elements require a great attention in order to reflect your brand identity effectively.…

Social media vs email marketing

Social Media Marketing vs. Email Marketing: Clarification

As a business leader or marketing expert, you might be wondering which marketing tactics to choose – Social media or Email marketing? Where to put more resources? Is email marketing still effective enough, considering the number of social media consumers these days?