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The Advantages of Using Video in Email

Using video in email campaigns and overall advertising has become an established practice among many popular brands that found video as a way to significantly increase ROI. Video in marketing started taking domination over the internet traffic, making the video a marketing phenomenon with an impressive growth. No other medium has the ability to convey marketing messages as quickly and effectively as video. Video is recognized as a marketing element with a great potential and revenue growth measured in billions.

The popularity of Youtube made it second largest search engine, right after Google. Views are constantly exploding and people are looking for information on video platforms more and more. An overall demand for videos formed a golden video era where audience enjoys watching videos much more than reading text because video is processed much faster.

“If copy is the brains of your email, video is the personality. Users are far more likely to click a play button than they are to read a paragraph of text. That’s because humans are inherently lazy and would much rather be spoon fed an idea than have to read it themselves. So we’ll always include a video in an email where possible.”

Ruairí Galavan, Content Marketing Manager, Intercom

In the digital age, an enormous amount of information requires change in the approach to consumers. Recipients are looking for more comfortable manner of transmission that will trigger their attention and, because of this, many brands started including video material in their marketing efforts.

Using Video in Email Marketing

70% of marketers reported that video converts better than any other medium. Using video in emails will increase open rates, click-through rates, and by that increase sales much more effective than other methods in the digital marketing world. Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. By only using the word “video” in an email subject line, the open rate increases, because consumers simply love videos!

But, embedding videos in email is still a tricky business.  Not all email clients are providing support for video formats, especially HTML5 which is commonly used lately. This means that not all end users are going to see the video in email. In that case, if HTML5 is not supported, they will see a “fallback image” that links to another URL where video can be watched. But, that another URL should ultimately be to your landing page. This way, you will lead visitors directly to the website where having the attractive video on landing page increases the time visitors stay on it.

There are other ways of including video in email, and the most popular is using an animated GIF. Since the first GIF came out in the 90is, it became a popular tool for engaging customers, especially when Facebook started supporting this format in 2015.

“Without a doubt, animated GIFs are the most widely supported option for motion in email. There are some other products or extensions out there that can get HTML5 video to work, but its support is marginal at best at this moment.”

Kevin Mandeville, Email Designer, Litmus

Animated GIFs in emails can do a great job in email campaigns and there is some impressive data about how the single GIF in promotional email lead to increasing the sales tremendously. Dell shared a case study in 2013 explaining how GIF boosted their revenue even 109%.

A cinemagraph is another popular way to add some movement to the email. It is a picture where only one or two elements are dynamic. Take a look at this beautiful Chanel cinemagraph: 

video in email cinemagraph

How Does Video in Email Should Look Like?

An inspiring thumbnail image: Choose an image that will make your viewers decide to click. Email service providers like MailChimp have video merge tags allowing thumbnail images to resemble the video.  

Short and sweet: In most cases, people will stop watching video after 90 seconds. The ideal length of the video in email is somewhere between 30-90 seconds. Keep your video to the point, use attractive and interesting elements, choose the best tools and create concise and appealing video your customers will love to watch.

Viral qualities: It’s hard to determine what makes video become viral, but the aspect of entertainment is undoubtedly crucial. Think about what can be innovative in your video, easily understandable and friendly for your customer, but don’t forget the sales potential.

In the end, it’s important to remind that every video in email should be tested and every aspect should be checked. A/B testing can be very helpful here. Use some of the preview tools to see how the email will look like on different devices.

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