Why Sending to Purchased List Can Be Bad for Your Email Marketing

Building an email list from scratch is a tactic worth time and effort, but a lot of marketers struggle with collecting emails of subscribers who truly are interested in their product or service. Knowing who do you want on your email subscriber list makes the process clearer, but not much easier. That’s why email lists of many businesses include everyone and anyone, more or less. Many marketers or small business owners decide to simply buy or rent the email list, without any awareness of the negative consequences, because they need to increase the number of subscribers fast.  

Quantity is not the best requirement for conversion. So many people on your list who are not truly interested in your business and didn’t give you an explicit permission to receive information from you will not increase the conversion rate and won’t boost sales. Let’s take a look at the key aspects where purchased email list can be harmful to your marketing strategy:

  1. Law regulations: Europe has GDPR, US has CAN-SPAM. Purchased email list are not GDPR complained. You don’t have to live in Europe to fall under the jurisdiction, it’s enough that your subscribers live in Europe.
  2. Valuable lists are not for sale: High-quality lists cannot be bought. There is a huge possibility that addresses on the list are non-responsive or not suitable.
  3. Reputable Email Marketing Services won’t allow you using purchased lists: Good and most used email marketing services insist that businesses use opt-in email lists. They test the subscribers’ validity and can ban you for sending to purchased lists.
  4. People on the list didn’t agree to receive emails from you: Those people don’t know you and have never heard from you. They didn’t voluntarily give their addresses and an explicit permission to hear from you. This means that they won’t recognize you and will probably mark emails from you as spam.
  5. You are not the only one who bought that list: Email list sellers go for the highest profit. Earning the maximum from their list often means that they will sell it to multiple businesses. Hence this becomes a nightmare for all those subscribers. Put yourself in the customer shoes – imagine that your inbox is invaded by businesses you don’t know, you would probably unsubscribe after a while.


How to build an email list organically

Finding the right methods for building an email list is hard, but there are some proven concepts for building the list organically – meaning that there are several ways of acquiring new subscribers:

  • Opt-in forms on the website
  • Landing pages
  • Social media ads

Opt-ins placed on various website areas are the most effective, so consider how will your opt-in form look like and where it should be placed – maybe in the navigation bar, sidebar, in the blog posts, pop-ups or in the website footer – the choice is yours. Once you start building your list, delight your new subscribers with the highest-quality emails and check the essential elements of your first marketing campaign. Besides building the list organically, you can try using cold email for the potential customers.

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